Sunday, August 21, 2011

Courageous - Honor Begins at Home

Novelization by:  Randy Alcorn

Amazing, Enlightening, Thought Provoking!

The life of a deputy sheriff is no easy job. It requires split-second judgment, level headed confidence, and a genuine concern for the public they serve. Courageous takes a deep look into the lives of four deputies, their choices in life, their wives, their children and their friends.

The writing is very realistic and believable and gives the reader a front row seat to the drama that is everyday life for them. The amazing stories emphasize life threatening situations on a daily basis and how easily their life’s focus can alter their family life.

The characters are well written with distinct personalities, ups and downs, and struggles that many in today’s world face. Their development and growth is influenced by their desire to make life better by starting within their own families.

There are valuable lessons for all in this book, but especially for fathers who want to “man-up” and make a difference to those they love and serve.

A perfect gift for fathers, young or old.

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