Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Dream for Hannah & A Hope for Hannah - Jerry S Eicher

A Dream for Hannah
3 Stars

When young hearts dream of love it can lead to perilous paths. Unprepared, with high expiations, those dreams can be easily shattered.
I found the writing vivid and the people and places easy to visualize. The story line, however, had some definite dry areas and seemed to drag in places. In my mind, Hannah's character needed deeper development so the reader could better understand her heart and her choices. Teenagers however, Amish or otherwise, make spur of the moment decisions that can lead to devastating consequences, a fact that is definitely brought out in the story. Truth is also found in the need for honesty and openness in communication between parents and teens that can help prevent tragic outcomes. There are valuable lessons here for the growing young heart.

A Hope for Hannah
4 Stars

Sometimes, when dreams come true, they fall short of expitations.

This second book is an improvement over "A Dream for Hannah". The struggles of newly married and expectant parents Hannah and Jake Byler seem to multiply at every turn. With a cold Montana winter closing in, Hannah faces both physicial and mental challenges that are over whelming.

There is deeper character development and the story line is more consistant. The descriptions were clear and believeable. The dialogue seemed a bit wordy in places but in the long run, the necessary points were brought out.

I felt the story had good teach potential for the growing, impetuous heart. The need for honesty, communication and trust between couples was emphisized as a vital ingredient for a successful marriage.

When Hannah's world is crashing down around her, the future looks bleak. Will things get worse before they get better? A good read for the growing young heart.