Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pursuit of Justice - DiAnn Mills

Has Special Agent Bella Jordan bit off more than she can handle? When her past collides with the present, danger lurks ever closer...

DiAnn Mills gets the action started and your mind active from the first pages. Her characters have a mind and will of their own. Numerous conflicts lead to deadly consequences as the death toll rises. DiAnn’s descriptions are vivid and easy to imagine. The dialogue flows well and adds depth to the unseen action. With a bit of creative imagination you can read between the lines and into closed hearts. West Texas, dry, arid and beautiful is a great setting to awaken your senses. The twists, turns and double takes lead Bella down a path of unexpected personal danger. Is the mysterious Spider Rock Treasure connected? Could memories of her dark past bring needed answers? Intertwined with danger, disappointment, and dead ends romance, unlikely as it seems, blooms under impossible circumstances. Will Bella open her heart or protect it?

Pull on your boots, cinch up your saddle, and hold on tight, as you gallop into this bold adventure!... 5 Stars