Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scattered Petals

Author: Amanda Cabot

Perspective or Providence

Amanda Cabot delivers another enthralling tale set on the 1856 Texas frontier. The characters, beset by emotional and physical struggles are pulled in multiple directions. The descriptive writing is excellent and easily visualized. The story line is twisted, fascinating to see unfold.

Priscilla Morton longed for adventure. When she convinces her parents to make a cross country journey to attend a wedding, she is filled with excitement. When the destination is finally reached, the consequences leave her devastated, distraught, and determined to never marry.

Her dreams destroyed, her emotions in turmoil, and her trust shattered it appears all hope is lost. Will she find peace? Will her faith sustain her? Only time will tell.

Scattered Petals is a harsh reminder of the old west and a glimpse at second chances. ... 5 Stars

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