Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hand That Bears The Sword

Author:   George Bryan Polivka

Reviewed by Diane A Brown

Packer Throme is torn between loyalty to his new wife, his country, and his God…

Interrupted in the middle of their “Honeymonth”, Packer is forced away from Panna, his new bride. Celebrated as the hero and the great hope of Nearing Vast, loyalty requires that he must set sail with the Vast Navy. Packer’s influence is far reaching and many believe he is preserved by the hand of God. But how much influence can just one man have over an entire enemy navy? The odds that he will return are not good, for there are many who seek his demise.

Packer is forced to fight against pirates, fire fish and the massive Drannun Navy. There are times when he seems to surpass human capabilities, amazing his fellow seamen. Does Packer’s strength come from within or are there miracles at work? Does God intervene or is it just coincidence?

Panna, left alone in Nearing Vast, is confined to the castle by Prince Mather. She is very strong willed and blatantly refuses his growing affections. Pana is a brave soul, but fear for those she loves is ever constant in her mind. Will God lead Packer home to her heart or is he lost forever?

The Kingdom of Drammun is well prepared war against the Kingdom of Nearing Vast. Their navy has many ships and their warriors are clad with an amazing armor. However, there are plots brewing that could alter the very heart of the Drammun government. The Law, the Rahk-Taa, becomes a powerful weapon when used for personal gain. Will the worthy Hezzan of Drammun be victorious? Will the unworthy Vasts be easily defeated?

What will become of Packer Throme? A hero remembered or a legend that lives on?

The Hand That Bears The Sword is full of many intriguing twists and unexpected turns. It was difficult to relate to the characters without a prologue. However, if you keep reading the characters sort themselves out and the vividness of detail opens your imagination.

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