Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy Faith

3 Stars

Crazy Faith: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives
By Susan K. Williams Smith

Reviewed by Diane A Brown

Faith is an astounding thing, especially when you test it…

Crazy Faith emphasizes the amazing accomplishments of several biblical persons and latter-day counterparts. It is well thought out and the conclusions drawn by Susan Smith are thought provoking, giving the reader another paradigm to consider.

Through intriguing imagery, familiar bible renditions of struggle, faith, and courage come alive. Individuals who pressed forward in the face of doubters and unbelievers were able to achieve the humanly impossible. Keeping an open mind will give the reader a chance to appreciate the authors’ interpretations.

The stories of crazy faith taken from more modern experiences are informative and truly inspiring. Each is presented with vivid details that will leave the reader in awe. The accomplishments are remarkable. The journey of faith begins with just one small step, followed by dedication, perseverance, and the hand of heavenly intervention. Many attitudes, visions, and lives were altered for the better because one person had enough crazy faith to stand up in the face of impossible odds. Even the hardest heart will be touched.

I found Crazy Faith to be a wonderful source of inspiration intermixed with honest preaching from a single perspective. Never the less, it felt like the same points were emphasized again and again. Different areas of focus were presented, but still the same point over and over again.

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