Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The River Queen by Gilbert Morris

Destitute but determined!

Set in the 1850’s, The River Queen could be played out in today’s society. When a fortune is lost and family members are left to pick up the pieces it is never an easy task. Julianne Ashby is out of her comfort zone and then some. Their only hope lies in an old steamboat she trusts can be restored. However, the man recommended for the job is not to her liking but for the survival of her family she hires Dallas Bronte, a man of questionable character, to be the captain. They labor is intense and all must work together, but when financial needs exceed their capitol the outcome is devastating. With many prayers for help and guidance, will the providence of the Lord save the day?

Well written, with characters you’ll relate to, and rarely a dull moment. Exciting, unpredictable, and explosive.