Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yes, No, Maybe so….

What do you when your “perfect match” seems less than perfect? Rachel and Josh’s first encounter doesn’t go well and the interactions that follow seem to end on less than a perfect note. However, the attraction is mutual and the challenges they encounter would test any relationship. Through honesty and sincere forgiveness, wounds of the past can be overcome and new love can grow.

Trish brings out human imperfections in her characters one can relate to. Her writing clearly portrays the struggle of trying so hard and yet coming up short. The story is smooth flowing, filled with lively action, and many twists and turns.

Unforgettable is a wonderful story that will warm your heart, lift your spirit, and let you dream.

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Alexandra said...

I like your style. You make my research much easier. Please keep writing. You encourage people like me. God bless...