Monday, September 13, 2010

Song of the Silent Harp - B.J. Hope -

The Emerald Ballad Series Book 1

Love is the power that moves us when there is nothing left...
The famine grew to epic proportions when the potato crops failed again and again. Starving, sick and weak, the people of Ireland faced certain death. The roadside, strewn with bodies of young and old, was a horrid site. When hope of survival is lost, where can you turn?

BJ Hope has crated an unforgettable tail entwined around these perilous times. I found the descriptive writing abundant and easy to visualize. The characters are varied and work well together, creating a vivid contrast amidst the devastating life of the poverty stricken Irish.

Love is the power that moves us when nothing is left. Nora Kavanagh's losses are great, but she pushes forward with a mothers love. Determined, independent, and stubborn, Nora puts her family in danger when she denies assistance from a childhood friend. Can the great Morgan Fitzgerald change her mind?

The struggle to survive, against impossible odds, will touch your heart. After reading "The Song of the Silent Harp" you will be forever changed.

(The Prologue, though it contained interesting information, seemed to confuse instead of enlighten.)