Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Least of These

Author:  Terry Hampton

Reviewed by Diane A Brown

If all governmental support went away, how would the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged survive?

When the government can no longer afford the financial drain, The Least of These looks into the lives of several families after the President of the United States signs a bill terminating these programs.

The writing is clear and and for the most part easy to follow. The reader is introduced to several main characters in a few pages. It is a little hard to keep them straight, but once the reader become familiar their stories, things unfold in most interesting and unusual ways. Paths cross on many different levels as neighbors help neighbors and the community tries working together to help those left without hope.

Christian principles are used, as expressed in the biblical terms “love thy neighbor as thy self” and many others. This is a book all Christians could learn from, no matter what religion they associate with. It gives the reader an opportunity to see things from several perspectives. The reader may find themselves pondering how a change of this magnitude could affect their lives and the far reaching consequences of their actions, should similar events really come to pass.

The writing focus is on turning to Heavenly Father for guidance and relying on Him in troubled times, but it done in a "non preachy” way. The stories are related from inside the hearts of those who know and trust the Lord, others who are seeking for something better, and from others who have bitterness and hatred that is not clearly understood

Readers beware, once this book has touched your heart, you will never look at governmental assistance in the same way.

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